I am a recent graduate from a two year Postgraduate Diploma in Theatre Design (Set and Costume) at RADA. During my studies I designed the set and costume for two fully realised, public productions and five projects that were taken to model stage. Since graduating I have designed ‘Trump’s Women’ a protest play by Lily Bevan at The Crazy Coqs and ‘The Acid Test’ by Anya Reiss at The Cockpit Theatre.

I am interested in creating breathing installations – atmospheric designs that interact and support a world for the characters and the audience. I am driven by an instinct to tell stories and watch the audience invest and react to a world different to their own.

In terms of my working style I like to maintain a polite, warm and positive attitude whilst being incredibly motivated and diligent about detail. This served me well as an assistant to the designer, James Turner. His feedback described me as “professional, attentive and supportive during the whole process” as well as “ready, available and enthusiastic whenever we needed her and willing to come in early or stay late to help out”. I would classify myself as a flexible, creative optimist.