Fine Art

Home Installation

Growing up I moved a considerable amount between Northern Ireland and Belgium so I am interested in the transitory nature of ‘the home’. From my experience I found that the concept of a home, usually perceived as strongly linked to a permanent building, is something more temporary. It consists of the ever-evolving content we carry with us and the personal archaeology we leave behind.
I chose to use plastic sheeting as its’ adaptability and temporality have key links to my concept of creating personal space. The white floor creates an evolving aspect: as the audience pass through they leave traces of their own personal experience, becoming part of the installation.

Two Thousand Four Hundred Years of Collaboration

Exploring the hierarchy of ‘high art’ and ‘low art’, I have taken the famous, ‘Venus De Milo’, and turned what is considered to be very ‘high art’ into the pinnacle of the ornamental and decorative – the garden gnome. When an artwork is shrunken, reproduced numerous times, and commercialised – does that weaken its position in the fine art world or strengthen its status through popularity and notoriety?


Examples of figurative sculpture


Examples of drawing – abstract and figurative